Luokkahenki - indoor air monitoring service in schools

Class spirit finds classrooms with indoor air problems and removes unnecessary doubts about healthy and safe classes.

It is said that man himself is the most sensitive indoor air sensor. Therefore, the Luokkahenki service is primarily based on the continuous monitoring of students' well-being. Class spirit also measures the air quality and cleanliness, so that the reasons for the students' symptoms can be found.

Society saves when corrective measures can be targeted at the right classrooms. And most importantly, early intervention protects the health of the school staff.

Student survey

In the classroom, there is a dedicated survey phone. Students respond to a symptom or bullying survey once a week. The survey does not disrupt teaching. Students respond to the survey anonymously.

Indoor air measurements

The classroom air is continuously monitored 24/7. The classroom sensor measures conditions and pollutants. Monitoring does not disrupt teaching.


The student's symptom or bullying responses are analyzed. The real-time portal indicates which school and class have indoor air issues and in which class bullying occurs, and also where everything is fine.


+ 9000 students under surveillance +1,2 miljon symptoms and +200 miljon IAQ measurements

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